News briefings

As the public’s appetite for breaking news grows at breakneck speed, satisfying news junkies’ needs ‘on demand’ opens up opportunities for increasing volumes of content. Good content.


Let Pro Write and Edit provide informative news stories when you tell us interesting facts about how you’ve been making your mark in the business world.


What you’ve been up to in recent weeks? Developed an added value product/service? Acquired a sought-after client? Unexpected sales leap? Introduced a new staff member? People want to know.


With our talent for tapping into the needs of readers of all levels, we write creative, headline-grabbing news stories from 100-word snippets to 250-word summaries to 500-word bulletins.


We can take a serious or slightly more irreverent tone depending on the image you want to project to your local community or to awaiting worldwide audiences, working with you to identify target publications and websites within a manageable news delivery schedule.


Contact for your customised magazine editorial.


Online sample: global commercial fishing news – Organisers of the European Seafood Exposition, the world’s largest annual seafood fair hosted in Brussels, Belgium, 24-26 April 2012.



Print sample: Modern Design Magazine news briefs.

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