Project proposals

Depending on your project’s complexity, planned duration and budget, you’ll need to write either an outline (short form) proposal or give it more detailed consideration.


Do remember though – proposal writing is a complex, time-consuming process so the sooner you contact us with your idea, the sooner we’re able to start the ball rolling.


There are two ways to write a winning proposal whether embarking on a short or long term project: 


1. Obtain an application form from the donor, keeping in mind their strict submission guidelines and deadlines – if you don’t meet all their criteria, don’t waste their time and yours by pursuing an application further. ProWrite and Edit will complete the form on your behalf, expanding on and correctly completely each data field based on the project outline you give us. We’ll then either return it to you for approval and self-submission to the donor, or again, submit it on your behalf following final approval.


2. If not submitting by application form but are approaching a donor as a proponent, we’ll handle the entire process for you. We’ll prepare an outline presentation for your approval then once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll write a strong, structured, detailed proposal describing each stage of your planned activities including project concept, feasibility, justification, methodology, finances, timelines and outcomes.Tables, graphs and illustrations support your application - you can leave it all to us.


Contact for your customised project proposals.


Sample: Our expertise writing £/€ multimillion EU enterprise proposals was invaluable in successfully securing finance for new business start-ups, employment and human resource projects on behalf of London Docklands Development Corporation, Wandsworth Borough Council and its transnational partners, among others.  

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